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Ancestors of McKenzie Taylor Warren Granddaughter of John R. Taylor

Eighth Generation

194. Enoch Sapp was born in 1790 in , Montgomery, Va. He died in 1867 in Douglas, Coffee, Ga. He married Ruthy Barrow on 14 Feb 1828 in Telfair Co. Georgia. [Parents]


195. Ruthy Barrow was born in 1810 in , Telfair, Ga. She died in 1885 in Douglas, Coffee, Ga. [Parents]


196. David Ogletree 1 was born in 1760 in , Hanover, Va. He died on 5 Nov 1822 in , Wilkes, Ga. He married Rebeccah Turner in 1786 in , Wilkes, Ga. [Parents]

197. Rebeccah Turner 1 was born about 1768 in , , Halifax, Virginia. She died on 5 Jul 1824 in , Wilkes, Ga. [Parents]


200. Durham Hancock was born on 8 Sep 1786 in Craven Co. n.C.. He died on 1 Mar 1864 in Colquitt Co. Georgia. He married Mary Polly Hall in 1812 in , , Georgia. [Parents]


201. Mary Polly Hall was born in 1783 in Moore Co. n. C.. [Parents]



202. John Ivey was born in 1792 in Effingham Co. Ga. He died in 1828 in Montgomery Co. Ga.. He married Nancy Lindsey in 1820 in Montgomery, Ga. [Parents]

203. Nancy Lindsey was born in 1799 in Montgomery Co. Ga. She died on 6 Feb 1881 in Nashville, Berrian Co. Ga (Now Cook Co.). She was buried in Brushy Creek, Sparks, Cook, Ga. [Parents]



204. Jacob Joiner was born on 23 Dec 1818. He died on 12 May 1889. He married Jincy Graves.

205. Jincy Graves was born on 7 Jul 1820. She died on 8 Dec 1902. She was buried in Brushy Creek Chruch, Cook Co. Ga.


206. Charles Morgan Rogers was born in 1816/1817 in Pulaski Co., Ga. He died on 10 Jan 1897 in Dodge Co. Ga. He was buried on 11 Jan 1897 in Dodge Co., Georgia, Levi Harrel Grnd. He married Edith Ann Peacock on 25 Apr 1845 in Pulaski Co., Georgia. [Parents]

207. Edith Ann Peacock was born in 1813/1817 in North Carolina. She died on 6 Jul 1894 in Pulaski Co., Ga.. She was buried in 1894 in Pulaski Co., Ga.. [Parents]


220. Russell Palmer was born on 30 Apr 1798 in Alpharetta, , Ga. He married Mary M Speir on 27 Feb 1817.


221. Mary M Speir was born on 11 Jan 1798 in Alpharetta, , Ga. She died on 9 Nov 1880.


222. James Liley Bailey was born in 1819 in Birmingham, , al. He married Ann Elizabeth Cook.

223. Ann Elizabeth Cook was born in 1823 in Birmingham, , al.


226. Silas Powers was born in 1821 in Florida. He died in 1860 in Lowndes Co. Ga. He married Sarah (Powers) in 1841 in Lowndes Co. Ga.

227. Sarah (Powers) was born in 1822 in Georgia.


232. William Jackson Taylor Sr. was born on 14 Jan 1801 in Marion, Sc. He died on 18 Jul 1885 in Nashville, Berrien Co Ga. He was buried in Empire Cemetery, Berrien Co. Ga. He married Samantha Jane Rogers. [Parents]

233. Samantha Jane Rogers was born on 3 Feb 1800 in Marion, Sc. She died on 6 Nov 1865 in Berrien Co. Ga. She was buried in Empire Church, Berrien Co. Ga.


240. John Faulk was born in 1795. He died in 1859. He married Aisley. [Parents]

241. Aisley was born in 1803.


246. John Hendrick was born in 1797. He married Elizabeth (Hendrick).

247. Elizabeth (Hendrick) was born in 1811.


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