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The United Citizens' Action Network

Stop the Beheadings!

[from Dec. 2004]

By Adam Armstrong

Although I have not watch the gruesome video of the murder of the Americans and other westerners by what has come to called Islamic fundamentalist, I have seen the pictures of the poor victims and their captors, and my blood has boiled. It is perhaps a very good thing that I am not the one with the authority and power to decide what this nation is going to do about it, for if I were my first gut reaction would be to announce that we would retaliate at a ratio of 7000 to one. If you kill an American we will kill 7000 of you. If our Joint Chiefs or our so‑called Muslim allies could present an alternate plan which would assure that the murders would stop we would consider it, but otherwise we would have bombers in the air the day of the murders.

Now this may not be the right response, but it may be effective.

The question is really are we at war. More than one of the talking heads on television, be they politicians, expert analyst or what have you, have made comparisons to our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan to our actions in World War II. They point to our record of wining a war and then building democracy. But have these actions since September 11, 2001 been a real war? The answer is no. They perhaps are best described as police actions. What is the difference? Well on December 7, 1941 the United States did not launch an investigation into who the Japanese pilots were who dropped the bombs and torpedoes on Pearl Harbor. They declared war on Japan and all the nations allied with it. And it was near unconditional

By the time we dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities, Germany and Japan were in utter ruins. All their major cities were bombed out rubble, their armies and navies had been wiped out and many of the citizens had been killed. That was war.

After the war those nations were rebuilt with the hard work and resources of the American people. That was the right thing to do, but it could not have been done had our former enemies not been totally defeated first.

If we are to succeed in our present endeavor at national security, we must first recognize who our enemy is. We have defeated the Taliban. The Saddam Hussein regime is no more. Many al-Qaida leaders have been killed or captured. But these are only parts of our the entity which is our true enemy. Defeating them would be like sinking a Japanese battleship or capturing a German army division in World War II.

In this nation, and in this culture, we hold freedom of religion as one of our dearest rights. It is altogether fitting and right that we do this, but if a group has as its purpose to not only take away that right but to also utterly destroy us, then it behooves us to recognize that group is our enemy, even if that group calls itself a religion. On Sept. 11, 2001 they danced in the street for joy in Egypt when they heard that thousands of Americans had been killed. This in an Islamic country which is called moderate, and is supposed to be our friend. Almost all for the murdering hijackers on Sept. 11 were Saudis, another Islamic country that is supposed to be our ally. If Islam is not our enemy, let their leaders announce it. Let them renounce terrorism. Let them stop protecting and facilitating murders. Let them stop preaching hate and violence.

Until they do this, and I donít believe they will, we must recognize that Islam itself is our enemy. Thought out history Islam has done its proselyting by the sword. It does not seem to have changed its ways.

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