THE United citizens' action network

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson

The United Citizens' Action Network

The Home Page

This is is the home page for The United Citizens' Action Network. Here you can find out who we are and what our mission is.

uCan Mission

The mission of UCAN is to encourage active, responsible Americans to use their political, economic and social resources and influence to promote true equality of opportunity to all and preserve the freedoms set forth by our Founding Fathers.

Three folds of our mission:

Support and protect our members by informing, educating and activating them. (support)

Share uCan membership with all like-minded Americans. (organize)

To use every legal and righteous means, including but not limited to, political, economic, legal, and social to restore and protect the rights of our members from the abuses that have been heaped upon them for many decades. (activate)

uCan Profile

"He therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of this country who tries most to promote its virtue, and who, so far as his power and influence extend, will not suffer a man to be chosen into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man....The sum of all is, if we would most truly enjoy this gift of Heaven, let us become a virtuous people."

Samuel Adams

The United Citizens Action Network is an organization of citizens who are willing to take action politically, economically, and socially to restore and preserve the traditional American culture, and promote true equality of opportunity to all individuals.

The United Citizens' Action Network (uCan) is a non-profit organization of private citizens dedicated to principles of the United States Constitution and American ideas. We do not hold that Americans are necessarily any better people that any of the other inhabits of the world; all people, from the Albanians to the Zulus have their share of the good and righteous as well as the evil and wicked. But we stand firm with the conviction that while our system is by no means perfect, no government or society is the equal of the United States of America.

Explore the site and see what we are about, or contact us with any questions you have. If you disagree with us that's fine. Not everyone does, but if you do, join us. Don't sit idly by and do nothing. If you have looked for a place to make your voice heard, a place you can make a difference, uCan is the place.

To join uCan now, or to see what is required to join, go to the How to Join uCan page.