Quote for the Day

"The man who cannot listen to an argument which opposes his views either has a weak position or is a weak defender of it. No opinion that cannot stand discussion or criticism is worth holding. And it has been wisely said that the man who knows only half of any question is worse off than the man who knows nothing of it. He is not only one sided, but his partisanship soon turns him into an intolerant and a fanatic. In general it is true that nothing which cannot stand up under discussion and criticism is worth defending."
--James E. Talmage."

Fairness & Equality

We all should want there to be fairness and equality of opportunity in our society. We all should also understand that equality of opportunity will never result in equal results. Equal results would be terribly unfair. There will always be those who work harder, or work longer, or work smarter. Are the lazy and idle deserving of the same results as the industrious and hardworking?

Cause & Effect

The promoters of identity politics who wish to vilify whites and victimize blacks like to use group data to point to the effect but never to find the cause. For example, if blacks, as a group are underrepresented as college professors, the presumption is made that blacks have been discriminated against, even though there is no evidence that any individual was discriminated against. There is an interesting story about a local small town police department that illustrates this principle very well. You can read about it at Adel, Georgia, Police Department.

Even though it is the group data that is used to point to the effect, using group date to find the cause is so politically incorrect it is never done. But should it not be? If blacks are underrepresented in the group, should not we look at other group data to ascertain the cause? What are the scholastic aptitudes of the groups? What percentages of each group finished or attended graduate school? What percentage of each group received undergraduate degrees? If looked at the data from the groups it is understandable and even expected that a group with markedly lower scores on scholastic aptitude test, and much lower graduation rates from undergraduate and graduate schools would have a much lower representation in the ranks of college professors.

It is curious that society at large has no problem with this if it is reversed and minorities have the advantage. For example, no one is complaining that whites are under represented in collegiate and professional sports. The scholarships and pro sports paychecks are worth billions of dollars and whites are drastically underrepresented at every level and in almost ever sport. Is anyone asking if white athletes are being discriminated against? No, no one is asking and most believe that discrimination plays a very small role in the disparity, if any role at all.

What then is the cause of the relative small numbers of white athletes in college and pro sports? While no one is saying it out loud, (indeed, more than one successful sports expert have lost their entire careers by saying it,) most people accept that there are genetic differences between the races which account for the success that black athletes have had in sports.

Why is everyone so reluctant to state the obvious? Well if we do attribute a genetic difference to account for the success of blacks in sports it would open the door to attribute a genetic difference to account for the lack of success of blacks in other areas. This is something that almost everyone is afraid to do.